Bhai Par Kavita Poem Short And Long Poem On Brother in Hindi Poem on Rakshabandhan

Bhai Par Kavita Poem on Brother For every sister, her brother is like a father. Brother is younger or older, sister is very dear. Sister is also very dear to brother. Siblings fight a lot in childhood. And sometimes get angry with each other. But still sister brothers complement each other. Sister has written various poems for her dear brother.

some over here Bhai Par kavita Poem On Brother Bade Chote Bhai Par Kavita are providing. Sisters who can sing for their brothers can send them. On festivals like Rakshabandhan and Bhai Dooj sisters singing poetry for their brother Can celebrate elder brother. can make them happy.

Bhai Dooj Rakhi Raksha Bandhan Kavita Brother Sister Raksha Bandhan Bhai Dooj Hindi Poem

Rakhi Best Raksha Bandhan Poem Kavita Brother Sister Bhai Dooj Special Poem Kavita in HindiRaksha Bandhan and Bhai Dooj is the festival of love between brother and sister. This is the same festival on which a brother gives a promise to protect his sister. The sacred relationship of brother and sister becomes stronger. for this special day Bhai Bahan Kavita in Hindi And Raksha Bandhan Rakhi Par Chote Bade Bhai Par Poem Bhai Dooj Par Chote Bade Bhai Ke Liye Kavita Poem We have given you below. poem on brother Will definitely touch your heart so here is Big Brother on Bhai Dooj Raksha Bandhan poem for brother sister is given below.

Poem on Brother Hindi Poem on Brother

My dear brother
yes you are younger than me
But how do relationships work?
as you are older than me
walking on the path of life
when i stumbled
look up head
with your pie.

when you saw me
my face was dirty
you will never be happy again
your every effort to make me happy
took a step forward
raise your head and see
Found your hand in front of you.

I had tears in my eyes
you look sad
carry a big basket of consolation
always found you in front of me
raised his head and saw
Found you only

no problem like that
you didn’t find the solution
trust you more than me
always base made him
I raised my head and saw
Found your hand

My maternal uncle is dearer than Chanda Mama
always sang to all the children
child mind reading
did you twirl the magic wand
what your sister can’t do
my brother you did it quickly
look up your head
Found you standing in front ,

Chote – Bade Bhai Par Funny Poem Kavita

Poem on Big Brother Bade Bhai Par Hindi Kavita

Be with you in every sorrow in every happiness
my brother you are papa’s head crown
You are the secret of all the sisters’ happiness
You are the pride of Rakshabandhan (Rakhi)
as hard as a stone
But when trouble comes, you melt like wax.
How do you know what is on your mind without telling it?
Take the troubles of your sisters as your own
Be with you in every sorrow in every happiness
my brother you are papa’s head crown

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Bhai Par Kavita in Hindi

Sawan came Rakhi came
Brought lots of sweets from the market.

ras malai for brother
and brought a beautiful Rakhi

I’ve been dancing and dancing since morning
After many years today was going to meet my dear brother

there was a knock at the door
Then once upon a time I panicked

was not at the door
the postman brought a letter
gently held my hand
I slowly found the letter in my hand

With trembling hands I read the letter
The message came from the border, the brother has got martyrdom

gave his life for the country
I also spent my whole life in the memory of my brother.

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Bhai Par Kavita Poem Hindi Poem on Rakshabandhan on Younger and Elder Brother

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Chote Bhai Par Kavita Poem on Younger Brother

always hate you but you love me
My love is light, but this hatred is a burden on you.

That which has become hate, only that is the essence of love
No matter how hard you try, I accept it,

brother do you know how much you love me
In the hands of your heart, why are you so helpless

When I come at your rate, will you be able to stand far away?
You will stand as a fixed root, you will not be able to fill your eyes.

Say mama when they run, won’t you be able to take them in your lap
Seeing the smile of children, will you be able to remain ruthless

Will you hate Jiju when you get married?
The tears that sisters do, they will make you tales

Who will take care of you, with whom will you get turmeric installed?
If there will be so much hatred for your sister, you will fight against Garro

Is there more power in love or will you tell me if you are in hate?
I choose you, you will show hatred

You don’t calm the anger, and keep hating me
The fire of love is pure, only you will melt.

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