Chunav Shayari 2022 Gram Panchayat Sarpanch MP MLA Election Shayari Status Shayari on election campaign and defeat and victory

Chunav Shayari 2022 Vote Ke Liye Shayari Mukhiya, Youth, Congress, BJP, Nagar Panchayat, Vidhan Sabha, Sarpanch Election Shayari Sarpanch Chunav Shayari Gram Panchayat Chunav Whatsapp Shayari Status MP MLA Gram Panchayat Sarpanch Chunav Shayari Status Top Best Election Shayari Status Chunav Hindi English Marathi Gujarati Urdu Shayari Status.

In this article Chunav Par Shayari 2022 Chunav Ki Shayari Status Chunav Jitne Ki Shayari Chunav Harne Ke Bad Shayari Panchayat Chunav Shayari in Hindi Chunav Chinh Shayari Sarpanch Chunav Shayari 2022 Pradhani Chunav Motivational Shayari Chunav Prachar Shayari in Hindi Election Shayari Ward Member Vidhayak Chunav Shayari Status etc. have been given.

Chunav Shayari in Hindi Shayari on 2022 Election Election Prachar Haar Jeet Chunav Chinh Shayari Status

As the elections are approaching, Netaji and his supporters get busy in campaigning very loudly. And to attract the public, we use the best Election Shayari Election Shayari. And when all the candidates get election symbols, then they campaign for Netaji with Chunav Chinh Shayari to reach the top of the campaign. After the completion of the election, when the result of victory and defeat comes, then Chunav Harne Ke Bad Shayari thanks the public with Chunav Jitne Ke Bad Shayari.

If you are contesting elections or are searching for election poetry in support of your favorite leader, then let us tell you that we have won and lost elections here. The collection of Prachar Ki Shayari is given. By the end of this page you can download Top New Latest Chunav Shayari 2022 Election Shayari Status in Hindi English.

Chunav Shayari in Hindi | Chunav Shayari 2022

Chunav Shayari 2022
Politics is also colorful.
Some have taken it as the father’s property.


Election Shayari in Hindi
Corruption in politics is like this,
If you do it with the right hand, then the left hand does not know

Chunav Shayari image | Chunav Shayari Attitude

Chunav Par Shayari
What did the politics of politics teach the leaders?
Made a big heroic leader bow down at the feet of the people


motivational shayari on election defeat
Have lost the elections but will continue to win the hearts of the people.
just spread wings
will continue to fly in the infinite sky

Chunav Shayari Hindi Mein | Election Chunav Shayari

After losing the election, thanksgiving poetry to the public
We take our election defeat with heart
Not just electoral relationships, we make relationships for life
Winning and defeat will go on but
Let’s see who keeps the promises from the heart


Thoughts on election defeat
Lost the election but was able to win the heart
Sahil has now found the wandering boat
Why regret losing the election!
All your love was needed, it has been achieved

Chunav Shayari Hindi | Chunav Ki Shayari in Hindi

Haar Jeet Shayari in Hindi
After this election defeat
We will be closer to the people to win hearts
They will be more after losing the election
be disappointed and disappointed


Chunav Harne Ke Bad Shayari
Lost the election but social service will continue
make a promise to the people of the area
As long as there is life this life will be yours

Chunav Ka Shayari | Shayari Chunav Ke Liye

Chunav Haar Shayari
We keep the public’s love on our head
Accept the decision of the election by bowing your head
We must have been missing somewhere in love but
Promise to give lifelong support to the residents


Election Harne Ke Bad Shayari
Social service and struggle cannot stop
Mere election defeat can’t stop my way

Panchayat Chunav Shayari image | Poetry for Election

Chunav Jitne Ke Bad Shayari
O cloud, do you arbitrarily
sun today you are stupid
Your leader has come after seeing
O Chanda you lead them


Chunav Jitne Ki Shayari
We have won, we have won the election battle.
Gone are the days gone, the days of traitors are gone

Poetry for Election Chunav Shayari 2 Line | Election Poster Shayari in Hindi

Chunav Jitne Wala Shayari
On this victory we will do something new
If you are human then you will tell humanity
no one should be unhappy nor crave for food
We will be merciful to everyone by becoming a donor


Election Winning Shayari in Hindi
once again a big win
Got affection and love from the public
Look all the supporters are swinging
Labon got a new song

Chunav Ke Liye Shayari | Chunav Motivational Shayari

Election victory shayari
Know how many veterans got washed away in the fierce wave of elections
Those who used to pay attention on the mustache, their dreams collapsed
Luck has garlanded us this time for victory
Run all the rascals look from here Alexander has come now


Chunav Jeet Ki Latest Shayari on Election Victory
Netaji’s ride will tie the face of victory
Prepare for DJ, party, flower shower and welcome

Chunav Me Shayari | Poetry in Election | UP Election Shayari in Hindi

Congratulation message shayari on winning the election
what it means to win an election
a big responsibility that some people
If you do, some people shy away from it
withdraw money first


congratulation message for winning election in hindi
All the leaders before winning the election
Very honest. as soon as power
their brains get the same chair
Corruption and dishonesty take birth in

Election Shayari in Hindi | Shayari on Chunav | Election Related Shayari

Panchayat Chunav Bihar Shayari
dishonest leader dishonest his captives
This time all their dark business will be closed


Panchayat Chunav Shayari in Hindi
Panchayat election roster has arrived
Posters printed for the post of head
Honest if not made winner
then the public will be the real loser

Chunav Shayari Photo | Chunav Par Shayari | Election Shero Shayari

Panchayat Chunav Ki Shayari
put up big posters
get fake news published in newspapers
This time the public will defeat the dishonest
The corrupt can raise slogans as many as they want.


Panchayat Chunav Ka Shayari
Every village’s voice will rise
Every foot’s pain will disappear
we need to head
The enthusiasm of the youth and the shade of the elderly

Chunav Poster Shayari | UP Chunav Shayari | Election Sher Shayari

Panchayat Chunav Mukhiya Shayari
Will raise voice for development of village
housing for every poor
I promise you all, I will not let you break
the door of all of you


Chunav Shayari District Panchayat
People lost by reading false posters
All the lies of village development
People have made preparations for Panchayat elections
This time it’s time to teach a lesson to the liars

Chunav Se Related Shayari | Chunav Sambandhit Shayari

Panchayat Chunav Shayari 2022
The government of the village will be in your hands
There will be talk of development of the village by sitting together.
It’s not just a poster, it’s a promise
The village will now be brighter than the day


Chunav Chinh Shayari
This time there will be no discrimination against anyone
There will be equal flow of development in every field
This is the appeal to all of you residents
Vote for honest to win the election this time

Chunav Se Sambandhit Shayari | Chunav Urdu Shayari

Chunav Chinh Car Shayari
drains clogged with dirt
The streets around whose stink are rotten
Deputies didn’t care
When the election comes, it is time to clean up.


Imli Chunav Chinh Shayari
Neither the roads nor the arrangement in the hospital
The walls of the school are breaking, the condition of the panchayat house is bad
This time the public will teach a lesson
Corruption tie your sack bag

Chunav Ke Upar Shayari | Election Time Shayari in Hindi | Chunav Wala Shayari

Chunav Chinh Camera Shayari
Five years of development was the result of corruption
Corruption again standing in the fray
Appeal to the public, teach him a lesson this time
The one who was behind his development not the area


Kanni Chunav Chinh Shayari
Somewhere there is no water in the tap, somewhere the road to the village is raw
The condition of the schools is dilapidated, tell where the child should go to study
With the power of votes, the situation will change this time.
This time the representative will choose honest and true to the cause

Election Rajneeti Shayari in Hindi | Poetry on Election 2022 | Election Shayari in Hindi

Sarpanch Chunav Shayari in Hindi
Have to protect the prosperity of the village
So this time elect an honest sarpanch


Sarpanch Chunav Shayari in Hindi
set the stage for development
make a public forum
Panchayat will progress
Make Jagu Bhaiya the sarpanch

Election Shayari 2 Line | Election Attitude Shayari

Sarpanch Chunav Ki Shayari
Don’t listen to the liars every time
This time choose youth for sarpanch


Sarpanch Chunav Shayari 2022
There is neither a lie nor a traitor nor is there a deceit in my intention, I am a public servant.
Public service is the real responsibility to win all elections
If you have become a candidate, then you have a candidacy to win hearts.

Bihar Election Shayari | Election Candidate Shayari in Hindi

Pradhani Chunav Shayari Hindi
When there is no job in youth,
So jumped into the village head


Pradhan Chunav Shayari in Hindi
There is no issue of development in the election of village head.
The candidate of this post does not sleep through the night to win

Election Shayari image | Shayari For Election | Election Ke Upar Shayari

Pradhani Chunav Ki Shayari
Whoever has the money, he has the noise,
The candidates standing in the rest of the elections are weak


Pradhani Chunav Motivational Shayari
The money that the village head will spend to win the election,
After winning, he will earn money spent in elections by doing corruption.

Election Vote Shayari in Hindi | Poetry Shayari

Pradhani Chunav Shayari 2022
Eat a lot of dishonest in the election of village head,
But the election should be won by an educated and honest person.


Chunav Prachar Shayari in Hindi
I have come as a son not a leader
Election campaign is just an excuse
I have come to take your blessings

Election Ka Shayari | Shayari Election Ke Liye | Election Wali Shayari

Chunav Prachar Ke Liye Shayari
The price of every item becomes very expensive,
When the elections are over in our country.


Chunav Parchar Shayari
Is there a lot of tension on the borders?
If you know something, what is the election?
And the fear is scattered in both the souls,
What is the pressure of the third level?

Election Ke Liye Shayari | Election Motivational Shayari in Hindi

Election Prachar Ke Liye Shayari
The color of politics is also very strange,
The enemy becomes the one who is closest


Election Prachar Shayari
There is a lot of love for Bihar, every leader says that,
Talking about jobs and jobs, they become silent.

Election Ke Bare Mein Shayari | Shayari on Election

Election Prachar Shayari in Hindi
At the time of elections, leaders go to every house and meet,
Do not talk for five years after winning the election


Vidhayak Chunav Shayari
All are friends in need,
If there is no need, then there are strikes in reverse.
election is approaching
Because most leaders are traitors

Election Par Shayari | Election Par Shayari in Hindi

Chunav Shayari Ward Member
Don’t choose with money
Vote for a noble
build india


Chunav Shayari Ward Sadasya
A lot of money is distributed in elections,
Later the pocket of the public is cut

Election Banner Shayari | Election Shayari in Hindi

Mukhiya Chunav Shayari Hindi
reward honesty don’t hide
Do publicly, give the command of the panchayat to those with a clean image


Election Shayari Ward Member
It is not necessary that thieves have only one family,
The relationship between pain and politics is old

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