Poem on Karwa Chauth 2022 Karwa Chauth Poem in Hindi For Husband Wife

Karwa Chauth Poem 2022 Karva Chauth Par Kavita Poem on Karva Chauth 2022 Karwa Chauth Par Pati Pati Ke Liye Kavita Hindi Poem on Karva Chauth Karwa Chauth Hindi Poetry Hindi Poem on Karwa Chauth.

Hindu married women observe Karva Chauth fast every year on the Chaturthi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month for the long life and good health of their husbands. In today’s changing times, it has been seen that girlfriends and fiancees also keep a fast of Karva Chauth for their boyfriends and future husbands. According to mythological beliefs, Goddess Parvati gives the boon of being eternally fortunate. We have brought here a very sweet and beautiful poem on Karwa Chauth based on the love of husband-wife, lover-lovers, Karwa Chauth Poem in Hindi For Husband Wife GF BF. You can express your feelings, thoughts and love towards them by sharing these Karva Chauth Par Kavita Karwa Chauth Poem 2022 with your husband-wife, lover-girlfriend and fiancee.

Poetry on Karwa Chauth for Wife Karwa Chouth Hindi Poetry

On the auspicious occasion of Karva Chauth
I want to tell you this.
like you live in me
I want to be in you too.

you keep fasting
to increase my age,
I would lay down a hundred lives
to get you with me,
my life is with you
I want to tell you this.
like you live in me
I want to be in you too.

you want me every moment
I want you every moment,
the moment you laugh
I live in that moment,
my every moment is with you
I want to tell you this.
like you live in me
I want to be in you too.

as you thought
I will give you that kind of love,
makeup should not be yours
I will give you such a world,
my makeup is yours
I want to tell you this.
like you live in me
I want to be in you too.

dear to you on karva chauth
Tell me what gift should I give?
demands greater than heart and love
I give all this day and night,
my world is yours
I want to tell you this.
like you live in me
I want to be in you too.

On the auspicious occasion of Karva Chauth
I want to tell you this.
like you want to be
I want to stay like that.

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Karwa Chauth Poem in Hindi

moon form
as today
I remembered

from morning till
it’s evening by now
But I didn’t see Saajan anywhere

after a long time
Sajan appeared as the moon on the roof

I’m happy
I decorate for you in the morning
only for you
I am happily fasting

you stay with me
oh my friend
I’m still wishing like this

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Hindi Poem on Karva Chauth Karva Chauth Poetry 2022 Karwa Chauth Hindi Poetry

God bless us, many gifts
Mother, Baba, Brother, Sister and their unconditional love
He knows us better than us on the path of life
And molds our desires into loving relationships

But there are two threads in the world, one has to tie himself
Friend and wife, we have to sort ourselves out
Friends save you, every time from difficulties
So the wife takes it upon herself, your havoc

In making this wife, he puts a big mind
Teaches her husband in good times, then fights with his difficulties in bad times
He gives it, the strength to fight even with God himself
And his boon is called Karva Chauth.

It is very cute, this Karvachauth festival
Mool gives this, every attack on the husband
She lives for her husband, today she is hungry and thirsty.
The love of the one who remains safe forever

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Karva Chauth Kavita Hindi Poem on Karwa Chauth Poem on Karwa Chauth

karva chauth festival
bring thousands of happiness
of the heart of every sweetheart
this is a wish
settled in dear piya
she has life
only for drink
she fasts
by his name
Your demand is Bharati
For Piya’s longevity
stays hungry
just want to drink
only drank his happiness
the world of
drank lovely today
is visible only
the moon fades
in front of the moon
and drank from the moon
ask for long life
it’s just sentimental
is engrossed
cute love festival
it’s karva chauth

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Karwa Chauth Poem in Hindi For Husband Wife

in the hustle and bustle of life
like a hobby singer
Then pull up, smile
Sakhi again came Karva Chauth
in the darkness of the Diwan
couple of hung honeycombs
the sound of my hands
smile with the lost moments
Sakhi again came Karva Chauth
‘You look good
That’s why I’ll make the rounds.
‘Don’t get tired too much, that’s fast
Whatever happens, I’ll eat it’
Hear the sacred conversation of love
husband-wife relationship
Sakhi again came Karva Chauth…

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