Rajasthan BSTC 2022 Exam Important Question Answer Current GK Quiz Important questions coming in BSTC pdf

Rajasthan BSTC Exam 2022 Important Question Answer: Check here Important Questions for BSTC PDF BSTC Question 2022 GK Quiz Paper Hindi Pdf Download BSTC Hindi Question BSTC 2022 Rajasthan GK Important Questions BSTC Rajasthan GK PDF Download Rajasthan Gk Important Questions For Bstc 2022.

If you have applied to appear in BSTC exam 2022. And looking at Rajasthan BSTC Exam 2022 Important Question Answer GK, Hindi, English, Maths, Teaching Aptitude, Reasoning for exam preparation then you are on the right page. Because we have provided here BSTC 2022 Rajasthan GK Important Questions Rajasthan BSTC GK, Hindi, English, Maths, Reasoning Most Important Question Answer Quiz Notes coming in the exam of BSTC. And BSTC Rajasthan GK PDF BSTC Exam 2022 Important Question Answer PDF is given along with it. With these important questions of BSTC, you can get good marks by improving your preparation for the exam.

BSTC Exam 2022 Question Answer GK, Hindi, English, Maths, Teaching Aptitude, Reasoning PDF

BSTC Current GK 2022 – Rajasthan Elementary Education Department Bikaner is conducting Pre BSTC Exam 2022 to admission in D.El.Ed (General) and D El Ed (Sanskrit) Courses. All applied candidates get BSTC GK Notes 2022 with Important Question Answer for BSTC 2022. They Are online searching For the BSTC Important Question Answer 2022 and Rajasthan BSTC GK Quiz Notes Pdf in Hindi. In this post they can read Rajasthan GK Most Quiz on ask on Rajasthan History, Rajasthan Geographical Location, Culture etc. BSTC Answer Key 2022 – Download Now

Rajasthan BSTC 2022 Most Important Question Answer BSTC GK Question View Here

Q. 1 – Gator ki Chhatris in Rajasthan belong to which dynasty’s royal family?
Answer: Kachwaha dynasty

Q. 2 – When did the 12th Five Year Plan of our country start?
Answer: 1st April 2012

Q. 3 – From which district of Rajasthan, on 3 June 2011, the President of the National Advisory Council, Smt. Sonia Gandhi launched the National Rural Livelihood Mission?
Answer: Banswara

Q. 4 – Who created the rupee symbol for the Indian rupee?
Answer: Uday Kumar

Q. 5 – According to the final results of the 15th Census of India released on 31 March 2011, what is the number of females per thousand males in Rajasthan?
Answer: 926

Q. 6 – How many central universities are functioning in Rajasthan?
Answer: One

Q. 7 – Recently India has started Indian Institute of Management in which city of Rajasthan?
Answer: Udaipur

Q. 8 – How is the nature of the landform of the Himalayan Terai region?
Answer: Swampy

Q. 9 – By what name are the forests of the delta region of Brahmaputra called?
Answer: Monsoon Forest

Q. 10 – In which state the unicorn conservation project was started?
Answer: Assam

Q. 11 – What is the condition of the expansion of the Aravalli mountain range in Rajasthan?
Answer: South West to North East

Q. 12 – Which region of Rajasthan is included in Hadoti plateau?
Answer: South East

Q. 13 – According to the interim data of the 2011 census, the total population of Rajasthan is
Answer: Sixty eight crore six lakh twenty one thousand twelve

Q. 14 – In which district the highest female literacy was recorded in Rajasthan in the year 2011?
Answer: Kota

Q. 15 – Which mineral is obtained from Agucha Gulabpura area of ​​Bhilwara district?
Answer: Zinc

Q. 16 – Chokla, Magra, Pungal are types of which animal?
Answer: Sheep

Q. 17 – In which district is the Tal Chhapar Krishna Marg Sanctuary located?
Answer: Churu

Q. 18 – The major producing districts of Soyabean in Rajasthan are?
Answer: Kota Bara

Q. 19 – What is the place of Rajasthan in India in mustard production?
Answer: First

Q. 20 – Where was the first sugar industry established in Rajasthan?
Answer: Bhopal Sagar

BSTC 2022 Rajasthan GK Important Questions BSTC 2022 (Pre. D.El.Ed.) Important Questions Answered in Exam

  1. In which district Jagat Shiromani Temple is located?
    Answer: In Jaipur district
  2. In which district of Rajasthan War Museum was established in August 2015?
    Answer: Jaisalmer district
  3. In which district of Rajasthan is the temple of Ekling ji located?
    Answer: Udaipur district
  4. Where is the Tarquin Door located?
    Answer: Nagaur district
  5. Which city of Rajasthan has been included in the National Heritage City Development and Promotion Scheme?
    Answer: Ajmer District
  6. Where is Amer Fort located?
    Answer: In Jaipur district
  7. Which city of Rajasthan is known as “Sun City”?
    Answer: Jodhpur
  8. Which of the following is known as “Khajuraho” of Rajasthan?
    Answer: Kiradu
  9. In which city of Rajasthan the famous Meenakari ornaments are made?
    Answer: Jaipur
  10. Who is the builder of Vijay Stambh at Chittorgarh?
    Answer: Rana Kumbha
  11. What is the other name of Vijay Stambh?
    Answer: Kirti Stambh
  12. Where is “Dan Chand Chopra Ki Haveli” located in Rajasthan?
    Answer: Sujangarh
  13. Where is the Ranganatha temple famous for its gopuram figure located?
    Answer: Pushkar
  14. Who established the “Book Prakash” library in Jodhpur Fort?
    Answer: Mansingh
  15. Who built the umbrella of Musi Maharani in Alwar?
    Answer: Maharaja Bakhtawar Singh
  16. Where is the headquarter of Shekhawati Brigade located?
    Answer: Jhunjhunu
  17. In which district Bisalpur is located?
    Answer: Tonk
  18. Which was the capital of Matsya kingdom?
    Answer: Alwar
  19. Where are the Buddhist temple monuments located?
    Answer: Bairat
  20. Where is Brahma Temple located?
    Answer: Pushkar

Rajasthan BSTC General Knowledge Quiz Model Paper Rajasthan BSTC Important GK Questions Download PDF From Here

BSTC General Knowledge Question Answer – General Knowledge GK Questions and Answers in Rajasthan BSTC Exam Current Affairs Questions related to BSTC are the most asked questions in the exam. Under Rajasthan Gk, questions related to the history of Rajasthan, geographical situation, political developments, cabinet and contemporary events of Rajasthan are asked. here us Rajasthan General Knowledge for BSTC 2022 Exam Answering important questions of

BSTC Answer Key 2022 – Download Now

Rajasthan BSTC 2022 written exam is likely to be held in the month of August.

01. Where was the first ban imposed on the Dakan system in Rajasthan?
Answer – Udaipur

02. Who started the Bijolia Kisan Andolan?
-Sadhu Sitaram Das

03. In which district Akal Wood Fossil Park is located?
Answer – In Jaisalmer district.

04. Which are the two major cotton producing districts of Rajasthan?
Answer – Sri Ganganagar and Hanumangarh

05. Which district of Rajasthan state is known as the bowl of food?
Answer – Sri Ganganagar

06. From where were the contemporary remains of Indus Valley Civilization found in Rajasthan?
Answer – Kalibanga

07. In Rajasthan is known as Bird Village?
Answer – Menar (Udaipur)

08. Where will the country’s best Leopard Park be built?
Answer – Jhalana (Jaipur)

09. What are the pictures engraved on paper in Rajasthan called?
Answer – Pana

10. In which district of Rajasthan is the temple of Shri Ranganath ji located?
Answer – Ajmer

11. In which region of Rajasthan, on the occasion of Holi, circular dance is performed by men with heals in their hands?
Answer – Shekhawati

12. In which sport did Limba Ram of Rajasthan get international fame?
Answer – Archery

13. Which city is famous as Marble City?
Answer – Kishangarh

14. No money bill is passed in the state assembly without whose permission?
Answer – Governor

15. Mathania Solar Energy Project is located at?
Answer – In Jodhpur district

16. What is the place of Rajasthan in the production of lead-zinc in the country
Answer – 1st place

17. Which is the district with the highest number of cattle in Rajasthan
Answer – Udaipur

18. A set of computer programs that allow computer hardware to function as interfaces with users and enable them to
Answer – Operating System

19. Who was awarded the Magsaysay Award for the campaign to get the right to information?
Answer – Aruna Rai

20. In which region of Rajasthan the Vindhya plateau extends?
North – South-East

21. When and where was Gandhi Bhogi Lal Pandya of Rajasthan born?

Answer – 13 November 1904 in Seemalwada

22. Where is the division bench of Rajasthan High Court located?

Answer – Jaipur

23. Where is the Central Arid Zone Research Institute located?

Answer – Kajri (Jodhpur)

24. In which region of Rajasthan is Lavani Geet sung?

Answer – Hadoti

25. Where are the camel breeding centers located in Rajasthan?

Answer – Joharbid (Bikaner)

26. Which is the latest district of Rajasthan?

Answer – Pratapgarh

27. Who is called Kumbh of tribals?

Answer – Beneshwar Dham |

28. Who is known as the god of camels?

Answer – Pabuji

29. The goddess of Rajasthan who is worshiped in a fragmented form?

Answer – Sheetla Mata

30. The fort of Rajasthan from which silver balls were rained on the enemies?

Churu Fort

BSTC Answer Key 2022 – Download Now

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