Roop Chaudas Ke Din Kya Kare Kya Nahi Roop

Roop Chaudas Ke Din Kya Kare Kya Nahi Narak Chaturdashi Ke Din Kya Karna Chahiye Kya Nahi Narak / Roop Chaturdashi Ke Totke Upay, The festival of Roop Chaudas is celebrated on the Chaturdarshi date of Krishna Paksha in the month of Kartik, just a day before Deepawali. This festival is also known as Narak Chaturdashi, Choti Diwali, Kali Chaturdashi. Roop Chaudas has a special significance in the festival of Diwali, which is celebrated for five days. Therefore, there are some such tasks on this day which should be taken care of.

If you want to know what should be done on Roop Chaudas Ke Din Kya Kare Kya Nahi Roop / Hell Chaturdashi day or what not, then you can see complete information about Roop / Hell Chaturdashi tricks and remedies in this article.

Roop Chaudas Ke Din Kya Kare Kya Nahi

The day of Roop Chaudas is considered to be the day to enhance one’s beauty. Along with devotion and worship of God, taking care of one’s own body is also very important. This day of Roop Chaudas gives the message of the need for beauty and form along with health.

Waking up early in the morning on the day of Roop Chaudas, it is a law to massage oil on the body, it is said that on Roop Chaudas, making a paste of yellow turmeric, wheat flour and gram flour in oil, after massaging it on the whole body, bathing will result in many sins. gets destroyed and the beauty of the body gets enhanced.

On the day of Roop Chaudas, by mixing yellow turmeric, wheat flour and gram flour in oil and taking a bath, one gets freedom from hell.

Lord Krishna gives beauty to a person by observing the fast of Roop Chaudas.

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There is also a law to offer special worship to Shri Hanuman ji on the day of Roop Chaudas, on this day in childhood, Hanuman ji had eaten Sun God as an object of food, due to which darkness spread all around, later the Sun God was worshiped as Indra Devta. He got it freed from the stomach of Hanuman ji.

On the day of Roop Chaturdashi, one should wake up before sunrise, take a bath with sesame oil massage and add Chirchiri leaves to the water. After this one should have darshan of Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna. By doing this sins are destroyed and beauty is achieved.

On the night of Roop fourteen, the eldest of the house lights a lamp in the whole house and then keeps it somewhere far away from the house. This lamp is called Yama Diya. During this, the rest of the family members stay in their homes. It is believed that by taking this lamp outside the whole house, all the evil forces go out of the house and Yamraj ji is worshiped and worshiped for freedom from premature death and health protection.

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What should be done on the day of Roop Chaudas?

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