Shayari for Suhagan Suhag Par Shayari Love Heart Touching Poem Maang Mein Sindoor Shayari

Suhag Ke Liye Shayari Shayari on Suhagan Mang Ka Sindur Shayari Sindur Par Shayari Shayari for Suhagan Suhag Par Kavita Poem Funny Message Suhag ka vermilion poetry. All wives want her husband to be safe. Because with the protection of the husband, the wife remains happy, the vermilion on her forehead remains the only punishment. Therefore, whenever the husband goes out of the house for some work, the wife prays that her husband remains safe wherever he is, and comes back home safely, whether he goes out every day or for many days.

Poetry on Suhagan Sindur Par Shayari

Shayari Suhag Par Shayari Love Heart Touching Poem has brought a collection of vermilion shayari in demand to show this love and concern of the wives and for the very sweet and beautiful Suhagan who touches the heart for the well being of the husband. In this Suhag Par Shayari Suhag ka Sindur Shayari demand, by sharing sindoor shayari with your husband, make him feel your love and concern for him. And stay safe wherever you are, and give the message to come back home safely. Let’s see Suhag Ke Liye Shayari for Suhagan.

Suhag Ke Liye Shayari Shayari Poem on Sindoor

shayari status for suhagan
when these breaths leave me
I drank my breath in your arms
don’t shed a drop of your tear
I swear you drank my love


shayari poem on suhagan
oh god give long life to my friend
Give every happiness to those who consider me worthy
Even if I end up in the lap of death
but give them my share of life

Suhag Par Shayari

vermilion shayari in demand
O moon my age should take Piya Ko
no one can see them
stay sweet for the rest of my life
no one else can seduce them


shayari poem on sindoor
Come drink, decorate my demand
Apply green henna in the palm
fly the twinkle of the stars
Color your love, both cheeks
By doing I sixteen rings
I will be happy today

Mang Ke Sindur Shayari Shayari for Suhagan

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suhag ka sindoor shayari
Honey resides in my breath
The feeling of every heartbeat is my sweetheart
shine like the moon forever
The sweetness of true love is sweet like mine


Suhag Ke Liye Shayari
In the depths of my heart there is only my dear
His Shiva and no one else wanted
The heart hums in the lines of their love
If they weren’t together, we wouldn’t have loved either.

Shayari on Suhagan Poetry Sindur Par Shayari

Suhag Par Shayari
We promised them to be together for life
We promised to spend our everything on them
Be a participant in my happiness and sorrow at every step
We intended to spend our lives in his arms


Mang Ke Sindur Shayari
my husband is the flight of my dreams
My husband is the solved book of my life
The cold shower of love that keeps me drenched
My husband has a lovely dream visible even with open eyes

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Suhag ka Sindur Shayari

Sindur Par Shayari
Honey vermilion. honey bangle
It is a decoration of adulteration of two souls, not ostentatious.
If a glass bangle breaks, it gives a thunderous sound.
If vermilion is erased then day is also night.
Suhag ki Suhag ki Suhag ki chudi
woman makes life meaningless


Suhag ka Sindur Shayari
Lal Mahavar, Lali Hai Chunaria
red red dots, lali lali chudiya
red vermilion is shining
by i sixteen makeup
I will be happy today

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